PUJANTE’s management has the VISION that companies ought to behave responsibly in the undertaking of all their activities and contribute greater usefulness to all the sectors with which they interact. We are therefore committed to a company model that, in addition to offering customers services that meet their expectations, is also committed to excellence and sustainable development, thus contributing to economic growth, social welfare and environmental balance. This way, current and future generations will enjoy a better life.

For these reasons, the decision to implement and maintain an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard has been taken.

To this end, PUJANTE’s management has established and assumes the COMMITMENT to comply with, to inform all relevant parties, and to promote this policy, based on the following general principles and objectives:

  • Comply with customer requirements, legal requirements and also other applicable requirements related to the environmental aspects of our activity, our products, our services as well as our facilities.
  • Continuously improve the OSH and its processes, the satisfaction of our customers, employees and society, and environmental performance.
  • Raise awareness and sensitise all employees and people who carry out work for our organisation. Make them realise that they are responsible for doing quality work and protecting the environment.
  • Provide and optimise the human as well as the infrastructural resources that are needed for the adequate performance of the OSH, including the training of workers.
  • Promote internal and external communication with clear criteria, informing suppliers and customers of the measures adopted to protect the environment and the health and safety of workers, in the relevant aspects.
  • Detect the different waste and pollution generated and use the necessary natural resources (energy and raw materials) in a sustainable way, in order to minimise the environmental impact of all our activities, products and processes, from a life cycle perspective.
  • Achieve a safe working environment by eliminating occupational hazards and controlling and/or minimising those hazards which cannot be eliminated.
  • Promote safe behaviour and healthy habits at work, as well as the participation and involvement of workers in the identification of hazards.

The entire PUJANTE staff is made up of key players in this OSH, and their collaboration and commitment to this policy is essential for its appropriate implementation.

This policy was updated on January the 26th, 2023.