Hijos de Juan Pujante

Standard-bearers for innovation

At HIJOS DE JUAN PUJANTE ® we know that in order to offer effective solutions we must do so through innovation and continuous improvement. These concepts are the cornerstones of our company and one of the reasons we are leaders in our sector.

The group HIJOS DE JUAN PUJANTE ® had its origin in the early 60’s, when, as a result of a precarious economic situation, the Pujante family was going through difficult times to keep their head above water. Some of the sons found themselves having to go to Villajoyosa to work in the fields.

There they began to ask them for rabbits, and later chickens, which the Pujante brothers offered because the family raised them in their garden in Beniel (Murcia). They began transporting these animals on a Guzzi motorbike in a small wooden box.

Demand would progressively increase to give shape to the fledgling company that was being formed as the Hijos de Juan Pujante poultry slaughterhouse. This Guzzi motorbike is now the emblem of the company, symbolising the austerity and effort of the early years.

Sustainable production committed to the environment.

Subsequently, the first chicken farms, the hatchery, feed factory, laboratory and hen breeding farms were built to form the breeding company for our chickens, Avicola Levantina, thus completing the production cycle to guarantee the quality of the meat.

Today, the Hijos de Juan Pujante group is the main reference when it comes to chicken in the Region of Murcia, and one of the main ones at national level.


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We have an integrated production system, i.e. we supply our own feed and do our own veterinary control to all our fattening, breeding, rearing and hatchery farms.

At HIJOS DE JUAN PUJANTE we are constantly evolving, which is why we are constantly reinvesting to perfect our production and distribution system in order to remain among the leading companies in the poultry sector.

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Our logo


In constant evolution, we have reinvented our logo and our image to adapt it to the new technological times, without losing our traditional essence. A brand that projects our quality, a brand with a long history, a premium brand.