The commitment to quality management must be absolute and permanent. This is our commitment: Total Quality.

Hijos de Juan Pujante

Standard-bearers for innovation

At HIJOS DE JUAN PUJANTE ® we know that in order to offer effective solutions we must do so through innovation and continuous improvement. These concepts are the basis of our company and one of the reasons we are leaders in our sector.

Hijos de Juan Pujante, S.A. is a leading company in the poultry sector in the Region of Murcia. Our factory is located in the town of Beniel, Murcia, with R.S. No. 10.00181-MU. Our main activity is that of poultry slaughterhouse, cutting plant, meat product processing plant, marketing of meat products and freezing facilities.

We are aware that we are living in an economic and industrial era which is in continuous evolution, so we constantly reinvest to renew and improve our production and distribution system in order to remain among the leading companies in the poultry sector. Proof of this is the application of the requirements of the international food safety standard IFS Food, in the production processes.

We have an integrated production system, i.e. we supply our own feed and veterinary control to all our fattening, breeding, rearing and hatchery farms.

Sustainable production committed to the environment.

Our feed factory Avícola Levantina, is strategically located near the port of Cartagena, which allows us to control our raw materials from the start. Our feed production and transport is dedicated exclusively to the supply of feed to all our farms, this allows us to have absolute control of all our production and is a guarantee of food safety. As a result of this, we can certify our feed production process as antibiotic-free feed.

We are committed to animal welfare and proof of this is that we have the “IRTA Approved Certification in Animal Welfare Based on Welfare Quality” in all our own farms, integrated farms and in the slaughterhouse. Our farms are equipped with the latest technology. We have our own fleet of animal transport vehicles, a large waiting area for live animals and our CO2 gas stunning system, which are all state-of-the-art from a technological point of view. Thanks to this, we protect, care for and treat our poultry with the utmost respect.

Committed to the environment, we are ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Research, Development and Innovation are the pillars on which we base our work to offer a continuous evolution in quality and food safety. This translates into optimisation of production means as the starting point of a global strategy of Total Quality and Improvement.


The IFS are international standards, meeting accreditation criteria based on the EN 45011 product certification standard, focused on food, products and services.


The Halal Guarantee is the certificate issued by the Halal Institute as the Halal Guarantee mark of the Islamic Board, which certifies suitable products.


This certification specifies the requirements to be met by livestock farms and slaughterhouses. There are four principles: Good Feeding, Good Housing, Good Health and Appropriate Behaviour.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 offers the possibility to systematise the environmental aspects that are generated and to promote environmental protection and pollution prevention with a socio-economic balance in a simple way.

At Hijos de Juan Pujante, SA and Avícola Levantina, SA we are actively working on optimisation and research projects, as well as collaborating with the University of Murcia. Some of these projects are the design and development of hen breeding farms as a reference in biosecurity, the use of segregated soya in new diets for broilers, new food formulas for the reproduction of the yellow chicken, a new industrial blood collection system to prepare boiled blood from traditional chicken, and various projects that are currently still in progress.