Tribute to 3 of our exemplary workers, who are retiring after more than 40 years at Pujante

A lifetime.

⁣More than 40 years being part of the Pujante Family. This is the story of three great professionals, whom we have been fortunate to have on our team, for almost half a century...⁣

⁣On Friday, March 10, we pay tribute to three exemplary workers who are retiring with us. They are María Jesús Ortuño, Jesús García Talavera and Ginés Micol. For this reason, our Board of Directors decided to celebrate with a day full of surprises, where countless anecdotes and moments experienced in the company were remembered.⁣

In addition, the honorees were given a very special gift: personalized portraits made by the Lorca artist Ciro Darso.⁣

⁣Enormously grateful, we wanted to say goodbye to our professional journey together, with all the love and hope of maintaining the personal ties cultivated during a long journey.⁣

⁣You are FAMILY.





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